Preparing Your Quilt Top

Here are a few tips to best prepare your quilt for quilting.


*To quilt our best, the back and batting should be at least 4" bigger than the quilt on all sides.  


*Make sure your quilt is well pressed.


*If there is a top and bottom to your quilt please mark them.


*Do your best to snip all those threads!!! 


*Carefully inspect your quilt top one last time for potential issues such as puckered seams, wavy borders, etc. before we begin the quilting process.


*Square up your backing.



So that I can do my very best work for you, I lightly press, snip any threads, check backings, and carefully inspect each quilt that goes on my frame.  Within reason.  If the preparation of the quilt needs excessive help to be ready to quilt a small preparation fee will added to your invoice.