Quilting Pattern Gallery

We are continually working on adding sample sketches to this gallery as well as linking the samples to completed quilts using that design.  This is just a very small sampling of what we can do for you.  If you have something in mind that you do not see here please contact us, I'm sure we can fulfill your requests.  Afterall..."IF I CAN DRAW IT I CAN QUILT IT".  

Simple - Moderate Edge to Edge Designs                $.02/sq. inch

Ribbon Stippling
Meandering Loops
Meandering Double Loops
Meandering Stars
Meandering Thin Leaves
Meandering Hearts
Meandering Triangles
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Geometric Meandering
Wood Grain
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Complex Edge to Edge Designs                     $.025-.028/sq. inch

Ruffled Leaves
Swirly Feathers
Concentric Circles with Leaves
Concentric Circles
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